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IMO representatives consider Russian concept on a-Navigation convoy promising    ENG
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The Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University will train a-Navigation specialists from 2021    ENG
The Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University will train a-Navigation specialists    RUS
Russian Register Of Shipping Approves a-Nav Suite For Autonomous Vessels    ENG
a-Nav suite has got approval by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping    RUS
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Unmanned systems developer signed the first agreements for the installation of autonomous navigation systems    RU
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Experiment on the use of Russian unmanned ships scheduled for 2021    RU
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Russian ships will go without a crew    RU
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Ships without crews will go to sea in summer    RU
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USV virtual testing platform launched in Russia    ENG
At SMM Russia unveils a number of unmanned shipping test projects and soon implementation of the proper regulation    ENG