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We are entering a new space with enough room for all developers and researchers. Where shipping companies will set up, not just follow the fundamental rules. Where what seemed like merely academic theory yesterday will become the industry standards of tomorrow.

We envision many new questions to which we may not have answers as of yet. However, we wonder whether it is necessary or productive to react to imagined dangers that we cannot yet anticipate. We ask: In what manner should the captain and the remote control operator interact, especially in conditions when the latter actually acts as the company controller of the crew's operation? If there is a maneuver or other requests that must be confirmed by a human agent, then with what discreteness should these technologies be updated to meet the human capacity to comprehend them? How should we formalise the radar station operation rules and recommendations for the automatic control of a radar? Should MASS be extremely polite and always minimize the risk to zero, including at the cost of a deteriorating economic performance, and where should the risk boundary lie? These are topics that we are mulling.

We invite to partnership all technology and shipping companies, as well as experts and researchers, to work with us to answer these and other evolving questions together. We are ready to share our experience and solutions in order to expand MASS application in the near future. We are eager to see the first 100 autonomous ships in regular operation, and your company can be part of this journey!

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Alexander Pinskiy, General Director MARINET